The Vision

Inside Scholar aims to be the first gig platform to support the global professor community.

The Mission

Higher Education adjunct, associate, assistant and teaching professors deserve to make a living wage. InsideScholar’s mission is to support and connect college and university professors with freelance work opportunities.

Professors leverage the InsideScholar platform to meet, communicate, and collaborate with their peers while also marketing their profile, skills, tools, and research to private and public sector organizations.

Every Field of Study has a corporate mate. Meaning, a professor’s knowledge depth, practical experiences, and domain expertise have material value to private sector and public organizations, leadership teams, groups, and individuals.

Professors can register and join InsideScholar at no charge. When our professor community reaches critical mass, InsideScholar plans to offer an affordable “Professor Connect” subscription option to facilitate conversations with private and public sector organizations. InsideScholar is merely the conduit, not the middleman.

Today, InsideScholar is funded and managed by a few dedicated volunteers. As our professor community grows we will seek funding and resources to support, expand, and scale our model.

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