InsideScholar is a platform for professors who seek to promote, market, and provide services to the private and public sector. Many organizations prefer research, facilitation, consulting, market validation and strategic planning to come from educated experts rather than expensive and highly paid consulting firms.

Professors register on the InsideScholar site and complete some basic profile information. As the InsideScholar professor community grows in numbers and available services, industry organizations will join and request a connection with a professor.

InsideScholar backs out and allows the normal flow and progression of the engagement to ensue. Scope of services are discussed and negotiated for a fee - the transaction is separate and takes place outside of the InsideScholar platform.

No. Whether the outcome is a short-term engagement paid via Venmo, a formal contract, or long-term employment - InsideScholar does not take a percentage or cut. We are thrilled being the connective tissue creating the opportunity.

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