Dr. Darek Malone
Communication Dakota State University
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A people-centric leader with proven skills to streamline processes, increase employee engagement, and achieve sustainable results through data-driven strategies. Builds and retains diverse high-performance teams by recruiting, training, developing, and motivating at all organizational levels. Promotes a culture of excellence through fair practices, collaborative approaches, and commitment to company values that secures long-lasting competitive advantage.

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2022


University of the Cumberlands

(MBA) Master of Business Administration - 2014

Business Administration

Park University

(BS) Bachelor of Science - 2010

Human Resource Management

Park University

(MEd) Master of Education - 2016

Adult Education

Park University

(MA) Master of Arts - 2013

Communication & Leadership

Park University

Teaching History
Dakota State University

Aug 2023 - Current

CMST-101 Foundations of Communication

Communication, Humanities
South College

Feb 2023 - Current

COM1261 Effective Speaking
HUM1550 Leadership Development

Communication Arts
Southern New Hampshire University

Sep 2022 - Current

COM-126 Introduction to Mass Communication
COM-127 Introduction to Communication
COM-229 Visual Communication and Design

Speech / Communication
Temple College

Jan 2018 - Current

SPCH-1311 Introduction to Speech Communication
SPCH-1318 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH-1321 Business & Professional Communication

Communication Arts, Management, and Human Resources
Park University

Jan 2017 - Current

CA103 Public Speaking
CA104 Interpersonal Communication
CA105 Introduction to Human Communication
CA233 Introduction to leadership
CA301 Interpersonal Communication II
CA382 Communication Research Methods
CA392 Organizational Leadership
CA402 Organizational Communication
CA451 Communication & Leadership in Groups & Teams
HR310 Leadership & Team Building
HR353 Introduction to Human Resource Management
HR355 Planning and Staffing
HR421 Corporate Training & Development
HR422 Organizational Development & Change
MG101 Introduction to Management
MG110 Introduction to Business
MG271 Principles of Supervision
MG306 Business Communication
MG371 Management & Organizational Behavior

Areas of Specialization
Leadership Business Management Education Human Resource Management Humanities Process Improvement Mass Media Communications Business Communication Project Management Public Speaking online learning

Fields of Study
communication organizational behavior process improvement project management online learning professional development critical thinking metacognition Leadership