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About Me

 My teaching philosophy is based on the practical application of the knowledge gained in the classroom.  For each course, I develop an expert model of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a professional possesses in the particular field I am teaching. I look for the moments when the student doesn't just parrot the information back but can demonstrate how they would use the knowledge and even extend upon that knowledge.  Teaching is not just about transmitting knowledge but also developing the student's abilities as a critical thinker and an independent scholar. 
I prefer the constructionist theory of teaching.  I plan my courses with a mix of activities to maximize student engagement and learning.  My lectures are typically short because, according to neuroscience, attention wanders after ten minutes of continuous lecturing.  When teaching face-to-face courses, I often had students present the material in different formats, such as a game or video presentation.  With online classes, I encourage forum discussions and peer reviews where students view each other's projects and help their peers refine their assignments.  In all my courses, I like students to use examples from their everyday lives and determine how they can use the knowledge in the class to solve their real-world problems.  Many students have told me how they could use assignments from my course in their job interviews and at their work to help them succeed. 

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2009

Public Administration

Walden University

Master of Education - 2019

Adult Education and Training

Colorado State University

(MBA) Master of Business Administration - 2002

Project Management

(MS) Master of Science - 1997

Political Science

George Washington University

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 1990


Eastern Kentucky University

Teaching History
Project Management
University of Maryland

Jan 2013 - Current

+I created and delivered four massive open online courses (MOOCs) to an international audience. One thousand student signups a month for the last two years for my nine courses in project management communication and digital transformation. 
+Recognized campus expert on using blended learning, flipped classrooms, and technology in teaching. Presented on these topics at the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conferences (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021). 

University of Louisville

Aug 2000 - Current

+Teach two-to-three online courses in the fall, spring, and summer to an average of 50+ students. Consistently receive student evaluations of 4.3 and higher on a scale of one to five.
+Trained 100+ professors in online learning technologies through the Delphi Center. Have taught courses on wikis, blogs, microlearning, online active learning exercises, and flipped learning.

Areas of Specialization
Leadership Coaching communication Project Management Emotional Intelligence Business Management Public Administration