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About Me

I grew up moving all over as my father was in the military. The exposure to so many states, countries, and people, I fell in love with learning about other cultures. While my own education has focused on Art History, I have studied and tutored in many diverse disciplines.

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 1988

Art History

Bates College

(MA) Master of Arts - 1993

Art History

University of Massachusetts Amherst

ABD - 1997

Art History

Emory University

Teaching History
Pingree School

Jan 2006 - Jun 2022

 9th grade focus on grammar, vocabulary, close reading, analytical writing and creative writing ● 10th grade focus on introduction to literary genres; continued honing of close reading, analytical writing and creative writing skills ● Senior-level electives including The Essay, Fantasy and the Real World, and Food Writing 

Writing Center Director
Pingree School

Jan 2006 - Jun 2022

 ● Provide one-on-one conferences to all students on any aspect of the writing process across the curriculum ● Design and deliver workshops on various writing skills for all grade levels ● Collaborate with faculty to integrate Writing Center services into existing curricula and pedagogy ● Evaluate and promote effective uses of technology in support of writing ● Encourage student interest in writing improvement at all levels ● Serve as advocate for writing support programs to all faculty 

Expository Writing
Harvard University Extension School

Jan 2002 - Jan 2022

 Fundamentals of Academic Writing. Instructor Harvard University Extension School. - Cambridge, MA January 2002 to June 2022 ● Introduction to Academic Writing and Critical Reading for students who wish to review such basics of academic argument as thesis, evidence, and structure ● After reflecting on their ideas through successive drafts with Instructor feedback, students learned strategies for turning writer-based prose into reader-based prose—strategies, that is, for revising drafts to produce essays that readers will find clear and persuasive ● Students focus on essays that express ideas in clear, lively, and graceful prose 

Areas of Specialization
English Language and Literature English Composition Art History