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Christie Davis knows what it takes to build a brand’s influence and create dynamic marketing strategies for entrepreneurs to follow. From working with large organizations as a part of a small team creating competitive integrated marketing campaigns to building her client base across the globe – she stays ready for the next technique to keep entrepreneurs breeding success stories. She uses a custom yet sustainable framework to grow companies using innovative marketing strategies to turn business ideas into profit. With the use of cross-functional marketing campaigns, planning, and analytics, I focus on research to provide a framework that drives interest and strikes lasting conversations amongst your targeted audience and competition. With over 17 years of professional experience, Christie has spent a good portion of her career, building and examining marketing models, and consumer experiences to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy for both internal and external audiences. She received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications from Mary Baldwin College with distinction; a Master’s degree of Health Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Development from Pfeiffer University; and a Master’s degree of Business Administration in Marketing from Liberty University. Today, Christie inspires several entrepreneurs to use marketing to their advantage before presenting their idea to the world. Using CMDmarketing’s framework, Christie guides her clients through the process of building a sustainable brand, refining their image and outreach. She believes that an entrepreneur’s best moment is learning how to take a leap of faith to become purposeful and profitable all at the same time.

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 2005

Communications - Marketing & Advertising

Mary Baldwin University

Master - 2014

Health Care Administration

Pfeiffer University

Master - 2017


Liberty University

Teaching History

Areas of Specialization
Communications Business Administration Strategic Marketing Marketing Management Campaign Marketing Management Product Marketing Healthcare Marketing Communications Corporate Communications Healthcare administration