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August 2022
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My name is Dr. Shari Bowen, and I am an Assistant Professor at West Point, United States Military Academy teaching Military Leadership and General Psychology. 

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 2005


Univ of Maryland

(MA) Master of Arts - 2007

Instructional Technology

american intercontinental university

Doctor of Management (DM) - 2018

Organizational Leadership

University of Phoenix

(MA) Master of Arts - 2021

Social-Organizational Psychology

Teachers College, Columbia University

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August 2022

Aug 2022 - Current

PL100, General Psychology for Leaders, serves as an introductory core course that directs its focus toward cultivating self-awareness and comprehension of one's behavior and that of others. The course underscores the practical application of behavioral principles to personal and professional life. By employing these principles, individuals can advance into leaders of integrity, nurturing excellence throughout their journeys as cadets, officers, and leaders in the United States.
Consequently, PL100 holds relevance as it encompasses both academic and professional significance. As the initial leadership course at the Academy, it furnishes a heightened comprehension of foundational behavioral principles pivotal to cadet's evolution as a leader. Functioning as a professional undertaking, it initiates an ongoing pragmatic exploration of the art and science of leadership. Through this course, cadets will achieve the ultimate learning objective by combining guidance from their PL100 instructor, collaboration with peers, and their personal endeavors.

West Point
United States Military Academy

Jun 2021 - Current

Assistant Professor  Military Leadership 
This course draws from the study of human behavior at the levels of the individual, group, organization, and society: individual psychology, social psychology, organizational psychology, management, and sociology.Leadership is both an art and a science, so gaining a pragmatic, working knowledge of these sciences while learning more about yourself and others is an important part of becoming an artful leader.

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Leadership Leadership Development Leadership Presence Organizational Leadership

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