Mark Golubow
Communications Brooklyn College
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About Me

I am a dedicated, passionate college professor in the field of communications. My expertise is in interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, group, and gender communication as well as theory, public speaking, and argument and persuasion. 
Have been teaching communication classes for nearly 20 years, at primarily Brooklyn College, as well as Fashion Institute of Technology and Pace University, in New York City.  My education spans undergraduate (SUNY at Buffalo), graduate (New York University...NYU) and Doctorate course completion (Rutgers University...ABD) in the field of communication. 

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 2022


Master - 2022


Teaching History
Brooklyn College

Jan 2003 - Sep 2022

I am currently still teaching at Brooklyn College. Started in January of 2003. I have an MA degree in communications from New York University (NYU), and am ABD at Rutgers University. I also teach at Pace University and Fashion Institute of Technology. Brooklyn College is my primary place of work. 
My official label in the schools I teach is Adjunct Professor. 

Areas of Specialization
Public Speaking Interpersonal intercultural organizational group gender theory negotiation & conflict