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Dr. Jennifer A. Burns is a transformational psychologist that specializes in trauma informed addiction treatment and the neurological impacts it has on growth and development. Since 2015, she has taught a variety of courses such as, Introduction to Psychology, The Psychology of Success, Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Recovery Support, Statistics and Research Methods for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Her research interests include: How hope and self-compassion reduce stress and lead to better health outcomes. 

Psy.D. - 2022

Organizational Change and Leadership

William James College

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William James College

Jan 2023 - Current

This course is an introduction to the statistical methods used in psychological research and will include topics such as techniques for organizing data, computing, and interpreting measures of central tendency, variability, and association, estimating confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, t-tests, correlation, and regression, analysis of variance and chi-square tests, and the use of computer statistical packages.

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Startups Neuropsychology Health Psychology General psychology Industrial Organizational Psychology