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Chrissy is an insatiable seeker of knowledge with an extensive intentionally diverse background. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Dance with a minor in History from Franklin Pierce University (formerly Franklin Pierce College). She also received a Master of Fine Arts from Regent University in Film & Television with a concentration in Script & Screenwriting in May 2022. 

Just like everyone, screenwriter and indie producer Chrissy Bartels is devastated by what is happening in the United States of America regarding the continuous uptick in gun violence. 

She is turning her thesis: An Analysis on How the Portrayal of Violent Female Vigilantes in Film Harms Audiences into a speech with the goal of publishing it as a book.

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, researching, writing, achieving a Master of Fine Arts in Script & Screenwriting, and more importantly, raising children in a post 9/11 fear-mongering state of living, Chrissy has found there is more to film than meets the eye…no, really.

Science suggests that humanity is strongly influenced by emotion. The football player who envisions making the touchdown feels the outcome in the body as if it is real. The ambitious sales professional envisions making that first big sale and feels it in the body as if it is real. Chrissy’s son plays video games with unseen zombies and feels the fear and anticipation of one attacking him. When we watch a sad movie, we might cry, or a funny one, we laugh. We watch and we feel. 

The concepts Chrissy speaks about take the basic understanding of why we feel what we see and ask a question that begs the action, massive action, of every concerned citizen.

(MFA) Master of Fine Arts - 2022

Film and Television

Regent University

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 2000


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