Sabrina Chapman-Terry
Business Education (Accounting, Business Information Management, Money Matters, Virtual/Global Business) Kingwood High School
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About Me

Bachelors in Business Administration - 2015


Sam Houston State University

(MBA) Master of Business Administration - 2017


Sam Houston State University

(EdD) Doctor of Education - 2024

Higher Educational Administraion

Liberty University

Teaching History
Business Education (Accounting, Business Information Management, Money Matters, Virtual/Global Business)
Kingwood High School

Aug 2019 - Jun 2022

  • Responsible for teaching 9-12th grade students Accounting I Honors (2021 - Present), Business Information Management (2019 - Present), Global Business (2019 - 2021), Money Matters (2019 - 2021), and Virtual Business (2019 - 2021) 
  • Developed and taught on relevant career and technology education to promote college preparation and prepare students to enter the workforce 
  • Planned lessons to reflect group and individual student needs utilizing creative instruction to teach individual roles of citizenship 
  • Adapted teaching strategies to remain inclusive to multiple learning styles 
  •  Exposed students to economic reasoning skills to build perspective and critical thinking skills 
  •  Evaluated student assignments and projects with corrective comments to guide reasoning skills 
  •  Adhered to district policies for effective classroom management techniques 
  •  Facilitated learning with aids, technology, and equipment to stimulate higher-level thinking
  •  Enhanced academic programs with innovative methodologies and collaboration 
  •  Participated in student and faculty events to highlight program offerings, engage students and increase profile on campus 
  •  Developed and maintained course websites utilizing both Schoology and Google Classroom 
  •  Attended department initiatives for professional growth to meet career benchmarks 
  •  Recorded grades and developed accountability through bi-weekly progress monitoring 
  •  Communicate with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issue with students 

Social Studies, Touch Key Systems, AVID, Career Investigations
Anthony Aguirre Junior High

Aug 2017 - Jul 2019

  •  Responsible for teaching 7-8th grade students Touch Key, Career Investigations, and AVID curriculum (2017 – 2018), and 6th Grade Social Studies (2018 – 2019) 
  • Developed and taught lessons on relevant career and college preparation to promote student interest in higher education 
  • Simplify lesson plans in line with both state and curriculum objectives and prepare students to enter high school 
  •  Maintain discipline in the classroom 
  • Access and maintain data on 120+ students' progress throughout the school year 
  •  Provide informative presentations to students on all 16 career clusters and ensure students comprehend the material 
  •  Meet with parents and administration in a professional capacity 
  •  Communicate with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues with students 
  • Maintain school website and social media pages 
  • Send out weekly emails regarding upcoming school business to the campus 
  •  Member of Channelview ISD DEIC Committee 

Areas of Specialization
Educational Leadership Teaching and Learning Accounting Finance

Fields of Study
Leadership Finance Education Business Administration