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Wealth Management (Texas A&M Law School) Texas A&M University
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Counselor George Mentz  is the CEO of the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM®)  offering education, training and certification in over 40 nations.  Mentz and his companies are ESQ Accredited in Europe and ISO 21001 Certified as an Educational Body. 

Mentz is uniquely qualified to serve as a management consultant and  board member of any organization or startup. Mentz has an earned Doctor of Jurisprudence/JD from Loyola, an MBA in financial planning/international business and a CILS graduate Certificate in International Law.  Mentz holds a B.A. degree with a focus in politics from LSU.  Mentz earned and held clean FINRA/NASD licenses of Series 7. 63, and 65 in the late 1990s as an investment banker for a Wall Street Firm. Mentz has held various designations such as: ChMC, CFC, QFP, CWM, and completed a tax preparation certificate with Jackson Hewitt.

In addition to his international law, banking, and corporate career, Mentz has taught over 250 graduate and undergraduate courses specializing in finance, business, and law.  Mentz enjoys teaching:  Introduction to Financial Planning, Advanced Wealth Management, Ethics, and Financial Innovations.  
Mentz has volunteered for several US presidents and in 2019-21 has served as a US Commissioner for the White House Presidential Scholars Program while Mentz has also volunteered as an economic analyst writer for the Dept. of Labor from 2007-21.  Mentz has published 50+ books and audio books and has written for the US government, O-Books UK, eFinancialCareers, & National Underwriter. Mentz continues to write as an wealth & economics commentator for top news medial outlets.
Mentz was recently honored to be Ranked as The #2 in the World as a Wealth Management  Influencer on the Internet moving up from #26 last year.   In 2021, Mentz won a "Best Books of All Time won a "Best Books of All Time" book award with his "Wealth Management Intelligent Investor" making it to BookAuthority's Best Wealth Management books in History!
Over the years, many of Mentz’s books have been Amazon bestsellers on in areas of Wealth Management, Personal Growth, Management, Finance, Education and Training, Money and Monetary Policy, Comparative Religion, Developmental Psychology, Metaphysics & Philosophical Criticism, Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Neuropsychology, Mysticism, Project Management, Civil Service Test Guides, Religion, and in Spirituality. 
Mentz is a licensed counselor of law LA/EDLA and Fed Cts Colorado, and he is the titular Seigneur of the Ancient Norman Fief Blondel which is one of the oldest legally recognized fiefs in the UK Crown Dependencies.  Mentz is an Associate of St. George House Windsor Castle UK 2020-21,  and he serves on the Board of Directors of the and Loyola University Alumni Association 2020-1.  Mentz and his companies have been featured or quoted in the AP, The Hill, National Law Journal, Forbes, Reuters, Wall St. Journal, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, NYSSA, The China Daily, & The Arab Times.  Mentz enjoys tennis, travel and spending time with his 3 children.

(JD) Juris Doctorate - 1996

International Studies

Loyola University New Orleans

(MBA) Master of Business Administration - 2022

Financial Planning and Internatinoal Business

Loyola University New Orleans

Teaching History
Wealth Management (Texas A&M Law School)
Texas A&M University

Jan 2018 - Current

Faculty of Law - Teaching: Wealth Management, Financial Planning and Financial Innovations for the Graduate Law School Programs at Texas A&M

Areas of Specialization
Startups international law business law internet marketing banking wealth management ethics