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Healthcare Administration Fayetteville State University
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About Me

I was interested in medicine & science from the age of 12, and eventually earned an MS & PhD in Pharmacy, majoring in Medicinal Chemistry from UGA.  I was awarded a fellowship at  UMN Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy.  These were exciting and intellectually challenging years as UMN was the location of the J Medicinal Chemistry editorial offices, and the labs that invented the first broadly acting antiviral drug, Abacavir, which was the first treatment for HIV licensed to GSK.  I joined the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector of Healthcare and spent over 45 years in it. The Pharmaceutical, and more recently Biotechnology, segment is an underrecognized window on all of Healthcare.  Medicines are the primary intervention, or an important secondary intervention in the diagnosis and management virtually every condition.  I also gained extensive management experience and a company sponsored MS in Management degree from Purdue University.  I went on to serve as a C-suite officer (CDO, COO, & CEO) in privately held and publicly traded biotechnology companies.  Subsequently I spent 3 years on the undergraduate faculty & 3 years on the graduate faculty of the Broadwell College of Business and Economics.  The later appointment was teaching most of the courses in the Healthcare administration track of the AACSB accredited MBA program.

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 1975


University of Georgia

(MS) Master of Science - 1973


University of Georgia

(MS) Master of Science - 1994

Business management

Purdue University

Teaching History
Healthcare Administration
Fayetteville State University

Aug 2018 - Jun 2022

I rejoined FSU in 2018 as an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Faculty, and a member of the Graduate and Professional Studies in Business department.  I remotely taught 6 HCM or HINFN courses in a rotation for student on the Healthcare Administration track of our AACSB accredited MBA.  I also taught undergraduate Business Communications most semesters

Fayetteville State University

Aug 2010 - May 2012

I was a Visiting Associate Professor in the undergraduate faculty  of the School of Business and Economics.  I taught Introductory Management and Business Communications, and other duties as assigned.  I taught both in person and remote classes.

Areas of Specialization
Management Healthcare Administration (Graduate & Undergraduate) Business Communications