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Dr. Schley is a polyglot and internationalist who entered the field of project management in 1994 via a 2-year post-doc with Dr. Nicholas A. Smith (CAES at MIT), developing oil, gas, mineral & transportation projects in post-Soviet Russia & Eurasia. He wrote the first project prospectus for a trans-Chinese Oil & Gas Pipeline System (since constructed) & began teaching at CTU in 1997. In 1999 he initiated CTU's world-class Master's program in Project Management, serving as "Director of Project Management Programs" until 2005. He also developed CTU's undergraduate PM program (2002) & led the university's successful HLC-NCA re-accreditation effort (also 2002). He achieved his PMP in 2007. 

Dr. Schley most recently has published "The Theoretical Foundations of Project Management" (Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 8, Nr. 5, May 2017, w/ Dr. Dennis Lewis, PMP). His current research examines the "theory of constraints" in a project context and shows that project constraints can contribute to project success, rather than impede it.

As an infrastructure advocate, Dr. Schley served on the Citizens Transportation Advisory Board for Colorado Springs City Council (CTAB) & on the Trucking Issues Subcommittee (TISC) (2001-2011). In this capacity he helped build community support for the the highly successful COSMIX project (2005) & for the City's ongoing regional transportation infrastructure authority (PPRTA; 2003) & consequent projects.

Dr Schley's technical specialties are project management & logistics. He has been a PMP since 2007 & has served as a Project Management Institute Accreditation Mentor. His publications treat project management & major project issues as well as organizational theory and structures, business ethics and other current business topics, including "Global Corporate Governance: The Maelstrom of Increased Complexity", with Drs. Sarah Philipson and Jeaneth Johansson (Journal of Business & Economics, Vol. 7, Nr. 3, March 2016).

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 1987

Interdisciplinary Studies

Emory University

Master - 1980

Theological Studies

Emory University

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 1978


Eckerd College

Teaching History
Management and Project Management
Colorado Technical University

Dec 1999 - Current

Pioneered development of the on-ground and hybrid project management programs for CTU (1999-2000) along with CTU's other on-line programs. He managed the CTU's Project Management programs through 2006 and continues teaching full-time in this program today. His writings and publications span the disciplines of project management, organizational theory and ethics.

Areas of Specialization
Innovation PMP Religion Transportation state and local government environment Project Analysis German Entrepreneur