Jacques Mambo, PhD
American College of Liberal Arts Congo, Democratic Republic
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About Me

Adjunct Instructor for two years. Currently full-time employed as Housing Relocations Manager. 

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2022

Social Science

Walden University

(MS) Master of Science - 2007

Public Administration

University of South Dakota

(BS) Bachelor of Science - 1995

Business Administration

Colorado Technical University

Teaching History
American College of Liberal Arts
Congo, Democratic Republic

Feb 2012 - Dec 2015

Marketing and Operations Managements’ Adjunct Professor, American
College of Liberal Arts, DRC,   February 25, 2012 –December 15, 2015
Supplemented the knowledge of 270 students on Microsoft Office applications.
Oversaw students’ on-the-ground projects and guided them thru local organizations visits and essay-writing on marketing design and operations management topic
Math, Physics, French, and chemistry Instructor, Kenya Ministry of Education, January 1992-1993
Supplemented the knowledge 166 students. Oversaw student’s laboratory works and on the field projects at local chemical plants.

Proficient in English, French, Swahili, and Kiswahili.

French Teaching Certification, 2015, Howard Community College. 

Areas of Specialization
Public Policy Nonprofit Management Human Services