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I am a Strategic Sourcing Manager with over 40 years of practical experience. I completed my Master's Degree at Boston College and enjoy teaching business classes. In my spare time, I am volunteer for NAMI as a Family to Family Leader. My interests also include being a contributor to the D&I initiative at work serving as a co-facilitator of our Women Rising Community Focus program.

Master - 2019


Boston College

(BS) Bachelor of Science - 2017


Dean College

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Dean College

Jan 2020 - Current

This course develops students conflict management skills. Through lectures and interactive exercises students learn how to achieve desired outcomes. By exposure to consumer behavior theory as well as the study of interpersonal relationship theory, course participants learn how to arrive at “win-win” solutions. Students will learn that everything is negotiable and what techniques work best depending upon the setting. The course will be taught by experienced practitioners who have been highly successful in conducting successful negotiating in their careers. This is a very interactive course that uses real life Case Studies to develop negotiation skills that will be in their personal and professional career.

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