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 Matt Ferdock earned C-Leadership in CRO/FSP human life science industries over the past 35 years. As the founder of DataCeutics, Dr. Ferdock hired and built a world-class team of professionals focused almost exclusively on clinical data management, biostatistics, and report programming. His list of clients is a who’s who of all significant pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies over the past 25 years. 

In his role as CEO, Dr. Ferdock was a visionary within the company, establishing it as the first-ever (1993) all-remote functional service provider (FSP) in the drug industry. DataCeutics, now Navitas Data Sciences, boasted an industry record-breaking turnover rate of just 2% (2019), with a year-over-year average of under 6% (2010-present). Annual growth over the last five years of his tenure was 20%+ with an EBITDA of 23%. 

A global P&L FSP executive, Dr. Ferdock is a leader and decision-maker who worked to make Navitas an internationally recognized, best-in-class FSP CRO. He advocates organizational change related to the company’s mission. He supported motivating employees within the organization, products, programs, and operations. Dr. Ferdock was the face of the organization to the community and customer base at large.

Dr. Ferdock oversaw the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs, products, and services. He was responsible for contributing to the business development of the company regularly. This included meeting with existing and potential clients; networking at industry meetings and related activities; and fostering/maintaining relationships with current clients, past clients, and potential clients. Dr. Ferdock presented its mission, programs, products, and services to relevant stakeholders in a robust and positive image.

Dr. Ferdock has extensive experience in global FSP management, clinical research, biostatistical analysis & reporting, data management, CDM systems implementation, validation, IT QA/QC, IT compliance under GCPs, and ICH compliance, and global organization management, to name a few.

In the past three years, Dr. Ferdock was elected President of the Board of Directors of the Burn Prevention Network, founded the medical device company ApperceptMD, written several Federal grant applications, was hired as a co-author and lead statistician at Lehigh Valley Health Network, started the real estate investment company Goose Mill Farm, and was asked to take over the role of Chief Financial Officer at the Patt Veterinary Hospital. 

Master - 1988

Applied Psychology

Boston University

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2022

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Liberty University

Teaching History

Areas of Specialization
Research Methods Clinical informatics qualitative and quantitative research research and writing I/O Psychology