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Currently completing PhD in Philosophy. Dissertation titled The Necessity of Philosophy. A Rationalist Foundation for Empirical Science, and an Axiology for Ethics and Politics in a Globalist Age.

Competently educated in all branches of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Literature and History. A Teaching Philosophy based on inclusiveness, diversity, and rigorous methods of critical thinking.

I come from an impoverished community in the rural south, worked many years as an industrial electrician. Worked in steel mills and factories in South Carolina, Georgia, New York and New Jersey. Worked for two years in Afghanistan, which included travel to southeast Asia and Europe. I rigorously studied world philosophy, religions, history, literature, and economics. 

I began formal philosophical studies after an automobile accident rendered me physically unable to perform manual labor. Hence, I have a diverse and unconventional background that has fostered deep empathy and intellectual curiosity. I have also founded and operated an independent publishing company. This involved all aspects of running a small business and editing classic literature, histories, philosophical and religious texts.

I am interested in any position that can establish me on track to a career in education. I have developed excellent written and oral communication skills. I am interested in continuing to develop my teaching skills but believe extensive life experience has taught me a high degree of interpersonal skills to interact with students and fellow staff members.

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2023


Concordia College

Teaching History

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