Jennifer Johnston
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About Me

 I currently provide professional consulting services to both individuals looking to make a career transition and small business clients looking to streamline their workflow and internal processes. This includes data and marketing analysis as well as designing or refining talent acquisition and retention programs. My services are offered both virtually and on location, though for business clients it is preferable that I am able to visit the physical location at least once.

I am also seeking an adjunct instructor position, with the goal of teaching between 2-4 courses per semester, at an institution looking to expand their course offerings without adding on permanent faculty. I am quite flexible with my schedule, which allows me to pivot quickly to cover for a colleague in an emergency when needed. My proficiency in virtual presentations and engagement make me an ideal candidate for teaching virtual adjunct courses. 

(MA) Master of Arts - 2020

Organizational Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

(BS) Bachelor of Science - 2017


Midwestern State University

Teaching History

Areas of Specialization
Leadership Coaching Sales Training Change Management Conflict Management Strategic Marketing Consulting Teaching and Learning Curriculum Development Training & Development