Nicholas C. Pappas
History Sam Houston State University
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About Me

 I am a recently retired Professor of History from Sam Houston State University in Texas. I finished my Ph.D. in 1983 at Stanford University. I have taught at the college and university level at Menlo College, the University of Nevada--Reno, New Mexico State University, Norwich University, Middle East Technical University, Western Connecticut State University, and for over thirty years at Sam Houston State University. My areas of research interest are geographically Modern Greece and Southeastern Europe, Byzantium, Russia, and the Middle East; and the thematically military and diplomatic history. I teach a number of courses in these fields, as well as surveys in Ancient and World history. I also serve as Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER). Until recently, I have been one of the coordinators of over twenty international conferences in various disciplines between May and August in Athens, Greece.  I plan to participate personally next year.

(BA) Bachelor of Arts - 1971


Stanford University

(MA) Master of Arts - 1973


Stanford University

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 1983


Stanford University

Teaching History
Western Connecticut State University

Jan 2013 - May 2013

I served as Visiting Endowed Chair in Hellenic and Modern Greek Studies.(Spring 2013). Aside from teaching two courses in my specialized field, Ancient History, and Modern Greece from the Ottomans to the EU: The First Europeans Confront the Modern World,  I presented two lectures and organized one other event in Hellenic studies. I was also responsible for developing and fostering relationships with the local community 

Middle East Technical University

May 2006 - Aug 2006

Middle East Technical Univerity invited me to teach the next summer 2006 as a Visiting Adjunct Professor. I taught Balkan History and Medieval Anatolia, 1071-1465:  Peasants, Nomads, and Dervishes.

Middle East Technical University

Feb 2005 - Aug 2005

As part of a Fulbright teaching fellow, I taught Russian History and the Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe.

Sam Houston State University

Aug 1990 - Current

Assistant Professor (1990-1996), Associate Professor (1996-2006), Professor (2006-2021), Retired Adjunct Instructor (2021-present).   I have taught the following Courses:

Undergraduate: Western Civilization to 1660; Western Civilization Since 1660; World History 
to 1500; World History 1500 to 1914; World History Since 1914; Russian History to 1917; 
Russian History Since 1917; The Traditional Middle East; The Modern Middle East; 
Ancient History; Medieval History; Part One of the American History; American Military 
History; Byzantine Civilization; Ancient and Medieval Military History; Europe from 1815 
to 1914; and World War II The Modern Middle East; Europe from 1815 to 1914; The 
Traditional Middle East; Modern Greece from the Ottomans to the EU: The First Europeans 
Confront the Modern World; The French Revolution and Napoleon; Modern Britain; World 
Military History to 1800; World Military History Since 1800; and Christianity and Islam in Sub- 
Saharan Africa. 
Graduate Seminars: Soviet Nationalities; The Eastern Question; The Origins and Early Phases of the Cold War; The Later Phases and End of the Cold War; The Diplomacy of the Middle East; 
Balkan History; Ancient and Medieval Military History; The Military Revolution in Early 
Modern Europe; The Rise of the Early Modern European State; Global Ethnic Conflict in 
the 20th Century; Resistance and Revolution in Southeastern Europe, 1941-1945; 
Nationalism and Communism in Southeastern Europe; Topics in Islamic Civilization; 
Western Travel/Historical Writing and the Problem of “Orientalism”; Medieval Anatolia, 1071-1465:  Peasants, Nomads, and Dervishes; The Ancient World in the Cinema; Church and State in Eastern Christianity; The Balkans in Early Modern Times; Modern Greece, 1821-2012: The First Europeans Confront the Modern World; European Warrior Communities and the Rise of the Modern State; Warrior Societies in Southeastern Europe; The Trojan War and the End of the Bronze Age-Legend and History; The Early Modern Military Revolution: A Global Perspective; The Cold War from a Soviet Perspectives; The Cossacks in History; Sports and Entertainment in the Ancient World; The Eastern Question in Microcosm: Modern Greece and the Powers, 1821-1922, and World History and Orientalism .

New Mexico State University

Aug 1985 - May 1987

Assistant Professor.   I taught British History,  Modern Britain, World Military History to 1800; World Military History Since 1800, Nationalism and Communism in Eastern Europe, Balkan History, and Russian History.  I also served as the Coordinator of the Program in Peace, War, and Diplomacy. I managed an interdisciplinary program of coursework in history, political science, and other fields that produced students that were knowledgeable in defense and international studies.  A such, I was an advisor to about 40 students in this program. 

University of Nevada, Reno

Aug 1983 - May 1985

Visiting Assistant Professor. I taught Western Civilization, Russian History, Yugoslav History, Middle East History, The French Revolution and Napoleon, 

Menlo College

Sep 1980 - Jan 1981

Substitute instructor for one semester.  American and World History

Areas of Specialization
Ancient History Balkan History Russian History MIddle East History Modern Greek history