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About Me

I am a college professor and certified health education specialist, CHES, seeking position whereby coaching and teaching skills are required. Strengths include engaging, motivating classroom instruction, exceptional writing skills, organizing and management skills, and a keen sense for effective communication. 

(MA) Master of Arts - 1989

MA Education/Health Promotion

University of Virginia

Teaching History
Health Enhancement courses
Montgomery college

Sep 2007 - Current

·      Taught first Drugs/Addiction and Pharmacology, and Women's Healthcare classes at Germantown campus.
·      Implemented Student Electronic Information Systems, Blackboard, health and wellness distance learning courses, Germantown Campus.
·      Created online course content for over 100 students per semester, a diverse population including many international students and ESL students, effectively enlightening them to the importance of personal and community health.
·      Developed online projects, quizzes, exams, and in-class discussion platforms, to communicate well with a wide range of individual student aptitude and capability. 
·      Effectively instructed students on how to develop health behavior goals and work to tailor a realistic time schedule and plan to reach these goals.
·      Encouraged women to find importance in embracing their health concerns and empowering them to find value in their uniqueness and gender.
·      Graphically and with fortitude portrayed the history and condition of the disease of addiction, all the while maintaining calm and neutrality, both of which serve to intensify the bleak portrait of this mental and physical illness.
·      Tutored individuals in pertinent subject matter, as well as in English, French, writing, and study skills.

Areas of Specialization
Public Speaking College Writing Instructional Coaching University teaching Curriculum Development