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About Me

Dr. Carvell N. McLeary is an Organizational Behaviour Consultant with a record of achieving business results (people and organizational improvement) through exceptional interpersonal and analytical skills.  He has over 20 years’ managerial experience in Cultural Engineering and Change Management; Organizational Transformation; Strategic Management; Employee Engagement Strategies; Strategic Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Industrial Relations Management, and Telecommunications Management. 
Carvell is a self-motivated individual, with a tenacity of purpose, and a focus on having satisfied clients and stakeholders, within and without work-organizations. Dr. McLeary gained significant experience in people and organizational management by working in large and small organizations across several industries, including telecommunications, electric utility, distribution (consumer and pharmaceutical), and aviation. 

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2017

Organizational Behaviour

University of the West Indies

(MS) Master of Science - 1999

Human Resource Development

University of the West Indies

(B.Eng) Bachelor of Engineering - 1989

Electronic Engineering (Telecom)

Teaching History
Personal & Professional Development
National Police College of Jamaica

Aug 2022 - Nov 2022

Business Negotiations; Strategic Management; Human Resource Management; Information Technology in Human Resource Management;
University of the West Indies

Aug 2002 - Aug 2019

Areas of Specialization
Data Analysis (SPSS & AMOS) Quantitative & Qualitative Research Cultural Engineering & Change Management Mapping and Digitalization of Processes Systems Maintenance Management

Fields of Study
1. Organizational Behaviour 2. Human Resource Management 3. Electronic Engineering - Telecommunications Specialization 4. Electrical Engineering