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About Me

I am a Policy Analyst/Advocate/Researcher
- (Appointed by City Council ) North Las Vegas Library District Trustee (3 year term) November 30th, 2022- November 30th, 2026 

My skills include Tableau, SQL, NOC, Data, cisco routers, Analysis, Analytic, Reporting, Data analysis. 

Top Skills Details:
Tableau, SQL, NOC, Data 

Additional Skills & Qualifications
, verify and present statistical test data for review, identify, prioritize, and track the resolution of known issues, develop Work Arounds for Incident Response teams, technical support for application jobs required for testing, evaluate incoming requests - providing input/clarity and on testing requirements and document level of effort estimate as per request, track, communicate, coordinate and report on processes in Network Services, assess the change impact and complete an assessment using risk mitigation tactics and recurring reports to business customers and managed services. I am driven, innovative, proactive, trustworthy, ambitious, outgoing, and versatile. 

Campaign Advisor
for the newly elected Nevada Assemblyman Reuben D’Silva (District 28). Volunteered my time, resources, money, advice and my wisdom to Mr. D’Silva’s campaign in 2022. 
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice who received her PhD from Walden University in the Spring of this year, and I have several years’ experience in both field and literary research. 

Further, I have a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Walden University with emphasis upon Leadership and Teaching, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University with emphasis on Forensic Sciences, and am a member of several Academic Honors Societies: 

Fulbright Chapter Member and Advocate: June 23, 2019 

Golden Keys Committee Member and International Representative: June 15, 2019 Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society for Criminal Justice: Walden University: June 13, 2017 Tau Sigma National Honor Society: Liberty University: June 18, 2015
What is more, in 2019, I was a Golden Keys Academic Ambassador to China. I was invited into the Forbidden City and requested to give advice on positive international trade relations. 

(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy - 2022

Criminal Justice

Walden University

Teaching History

Areas of Specialization
Advocacy qualitative and quantitative research Public Policy Analysis Assistant Professor Published Author